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daily link  Wednesday, April 03, 2002

EnviroMission Limited is a newly listed public company committed to establishing profitable, large-scale renewable energy generation power stations for the Australian electricity market.  They licence German designed Solar Tower technology, and plan the world's first Solar Thermal power station at Ned's Corner StationThe 1,000-metre tall Solar Tower proposed for the power station will make it the tallest built structure in the world when constructed, and the plant will produce 200MW of power 24 hours a day.  8:58:39 PM  permalink  

A hydrogen-based economy is promoted by "Harry Braun, chairman of Phoenix-based Sustainable Partners, a holding company exploring several renewable power alternatives, including hydrogen."  2:35:09 PM  permalink  

Peer-to-peer communications using XML: An IBM developerWorks article on web services, jabber, jixta, and others.  12:49:34 PM  permalink  

Few links between Al Qaeda and Chechnya have been found.  The 3 Russian citizens at Guantanamo, and the few other Chechens detained, appeared to be not hardened fighters but individuals whose personal and spiritual journeys took them to Afghanistan--much like American Talib John Walker Lindh.  "There is an element of terrorism in Chechnya, this is for sure, just as there is in many other places in the world," Izmailov said. "But there is a whole complex of reasons [for the war]. . . . If we continue to ignore other causes of the Chechen conflict, this war will go on forever."

  12:45:03 PM  permalink  

The Internet is Missing: "The simple architecture that gave us an environment so hospitable to innovation and growth is missing. Here are some steps to bring it back. [Bob Frankston, 2002-03-13]"  12:37:37 PM  permalink  

Wearable wireless devices: a review of the research.  Interesting examples at MIT (which has an IDEO collaboration), IBM.  Lots of funny reactions at slashdot.  12:03:41 PM  permalink  

Wind landscape guidelines:  Tehachapi wind veteran Paul Gipe argues that the wind industry challenges its own credibility as an alternative energy source when it does not follow the best environmental and operational practices. "For it to continue to grow, to fulfill the vision of renewable energy advocates, changes have to be made -- changes that can be made." 

  11:47:26 AM  permalink  

Forest survey shows big holes: "Large expanses of the world's forests are in rapid decline and could be lost much sooner than expected."  11:40:39 AM  permalink  

Review of Green Power Purchases and certifcations worldwide.  11:39:34 AM  permalink  

China invests in electric cars to combat pollution : "China plans to invest 880 million yuan (US$106 million) to develop electric vehicles to combat air pollution, state media said on Tuesday. Domestic companies would be funded by the government over the next few years to develop vehicles that run on electricity or other power sources".  Major push is to have clean transport for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.  11:37:27 AM  permalink  

CGI Proxy: A Perl CGI proxy server for HTTP and FTP that allows anonymizing, handles cookies, evades filters, etc.  Open source.  11:31:41 AM  permalink  

Compact distributions of Linux (carry around with you into internet cafes or whatever?):

  12:19:42 AM  permalink  

Scott Lemon:  Distributed applications need a distributed memory space ... something discussed by David Gelernter in Mirror Worlds. Here's one implemented as a SOAP service. Rogue Wave release XML tuple space implementation.  12:17:52 AM  permalink  


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