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daily link  Tuesday, April 02, 2002

O'Reilly Network: Jon Udell: Instant Outlining, Instant Gratification: (paraphrased):  UserLand's instant outlining technique, now becoming available to Radio users, blends instant messaging, outlining, and blogging to create a new synthesis that may be a way out of the email hole we've dug ourselves into.  

Email is not a context-preserving medium. Life is just too short to waste time looking for missing attachments, or trying to remember who was cc'd on which part of a discussion, or organizing inboxes by project, role, and priority. Instant outlining is not a magic wand, but it may be an environment within which we can make some headway

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The Alivisatos Group is a research group at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Laborartory that is responsible for the new nanoparticle+plastic solar cells.  The group has received  heavy  coverage, some with interviews.  Their site has a directory of related researchers

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