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daily link  Friday, March 29, 2002

What do web hosting customers want today? "It's fairly consistent. In order of priority: vendor stability, cost, performance (service) and security."  3:20:28 PM  permalink  

HEDON, the Household Energy Development Organization's Network, is a UK-based group of 200 people and organizations in the field.  Their core members include ITDG (UK), GTZ (Germany), REDI (Switzerland) and a unit of FAO.  They have a resource portal with 186 sites listed,including many in developing countries, an annual meeting (next is July 2002), an a news service with 50 items in 18 months.  12:18:08 PM  permalink  

Intermediate Technology Consultants are the consulting arm of ITDG in the UK.  They've developed products for solar electric lighting and small scale wind power.  They have extensive publications on household energy, including many case studies and a web ring listing 8 relevant sites.  12:03:25 PM  permalink  


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