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daily link  Thursday, March 28, 2002

New life for internal combustion engines:A new type of combustion engine could cut fuel consumption by 40 per cent and exhaust emissions by up to 50 per cent, according to Mayflower, the UK engineering company behind the design.  11:49:29 PM  permalink  

Joltage offers WiFi roaming in competition with Boingo, at a lower price -- $1.99 per hour or $24.99 per month.  It uses PayPal for settling up accounts among users and Wi-Fi base operators, who can use a free software download that sets up controlled access to their network.

Sputnik is another WiFi network entry, with content delivery optimization included.  Gateway software is open source and downloadable, access is currently free, with enterprise tools (vpn, etc) charged.

And Skypilot mixes 802.11a and 802.11b into "organic mesh" networks.

  10:10:49 AM  permalink  

NASA-supported research is promoting a space elevator with a cable made of carbon nanotubes.  It estimates a cost of $5-10B, deliverable in 10-15 years.  9:57:44 AM  permalink  


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