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daily link  Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Social network analysis provides a map of the 9/11 hijackers and measurements of the roles of individuals and the strength of the network itself.  In this case, it is claimed that "the diffuseness of the hijacker network means that it won't suffer significant damage until the six nodes with the most numerous and important connections -- 21 percent of the group -- are removed."  11:25:54 PM  permalink  

The Berkeley Lamp: Sleek, functional, and almost 60% less energy used.  11:21:13 PM  permalink  

Interesting comment on blogs and news:  "I consider most "news" journalism and "flat" articles that don't have hyperlinks, that is television and print magazine and newspaper articles as basically a form of entertainment, not news; this is especially true of technology journalism. Remember in high school when you had to indicate your sources on a paper? Well blogs and hyperlinked articles are like that. Even if someone doesn't tell you that they got info based on a press release, when you have Google to search against and other bloggers disagreeing it becomes pretty clear, pretty quick, what is news and what is just PR. Ironically, television seems to be making a better transition to the ways of the web than print publications. Shows like NOVA and Frontline provide information and forums that supplement their programs. "  10:21:33 AM  permalink  

Empty American Promises Embitter an Afghan Village. One icy night in mid-October, a U.S. military advisor who called himself "Baba John" rounded up villagers in this guerrilla fighters' paradise and asked them what they wanted when the war was over.
  9:26:52 AM  permalink  

Cringely tells a story of a small-scale online entrepreneur that got programs written for him at negligible cost, over the web.  He refers to

  12:30:22 AM  permalink  


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