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daily link  Thursday, March 21, 2002

The head of BP, one of the world's largest producers of gas and oil, campaigns to have the oil industry take a stronger role in controlling global warming.  We "can't live in denial of mounting evidence gathered by hundreds of the most reputable scientists in the world,'' said John Browne, the group chief executive for BP, in a speech at Stanford University.

Browne said greenhouse gas emissions from the company's refineries and other operations are now 10 percent lower than they were in 1990 -- a reduction roughly in line the Kyoto Protocol 2010 targets, achieved 8 years in advance.  The reductions, which cost about $100 million a year, were more than offset by the savings realized from using energy more efficiently. BP, now the 9th largest company in the world, would strive to keep its emissions flat over the next decade in spite of plans to increase oil and gas production by 5.5 percent a year.

Side note: BP is reported to be the 10th largest contributor to the Republicans, and a participant in the Cheney energy policy process.

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Stanford IIS researchers have compiled a database of missing nuclear materials.  They are shocked by the lack of information, and "frightened" by the losses they have confirmed.  2:13:30 AM  permalink  


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