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daily link  Saturday, March 16, 2002

Biological solar hydrogen production is researched by a Berlin university, using an Artificial Bacterial Algal Symbiosis (Project ArBAS).  A green algae converts CO2 and sunlight to oxygen and carbohydrates.  The carbohydrates pass through a membrane to purple bacteria that reduce the carbohydrate to CO2 and hydrogen gas.  The bacteria are normally nitrogen-fixers (NH3), but in a nitrogen-free medium they will produce hydrogen (H2).  Experiments in 1996 under ideal conditions (the Sahara!):  one liter bacteria suspension will produce two liters of hydrogen per day, for about 2% effiiciency.  Much greater efficiency is expected in future.  4:47:38 PM  permalink  

Two articles on the global appeal of consumer culture:

  • A critique that quotes many including Tocqueville:  "artisans offer what Tocqueville called 'imperfect satisfaction' for diverse audiences rather than perfection for the few. Tocqueville also accurately anticipated the nature of pop culture: democracy, he wrote, shifts the preoccupation of art from the soul to the body, from the ideal to the real. "
  • A look at the growing middle class in China:  "Europeans may be wont to view every Big Mac as a terrifying sign of American cultural imperialism, but Chinese have mostly welcomed the invasion indeed they have internalized it.  In one recent survey, nearly half of all Chinese children under 12 identified McDonald's as a domestic brand, according to Beijing's Horizon Market Research."  Costco and other retail outlets are thriving.
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