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daily link  Saturday, March 09, 2002

A Salon article "Waiting for Wi-Fi" ends with a summary of the economic considerations that deter massive centralized WiFi deployment and encourage distributed small scale deployment (like local ISPs in the early and mid 90s).  It reminded me of technologies that had been promoted to allow power and sewer utilities to sell Internet bandwidth to their customers.  Almost no utilities did it then, but maybe it could work now with WiFi covering the last 100 meters into the home.  11:31:32 PM  permalink  

Glenn Fleishman runs a site for book referrals and price comparisons that nets $4,000 per month.  It uses a simple structure to get google and other search engines to index all of its generated pages.  9:31:48 AM  permalink  

Web radio operators are lobbying to revise the royalty schedule with the RIAA.  "Each time a song is played, the station must pay $0.0014 for each listener that is tuned in." (Also, for non-commerical personal systems, it's $.0005, for non-profit stations like NPR, it's free.  There may be a minimum $500 per year per broadcaster.) Hmm, 10,000 songs per listener = 25 per day all year = $14 ?  I wonder if an automated requests-only web radio could exist, one 'station' per listener?  9:26:25 AM  permalink  


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