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daily link  Saturday, February 23, 2002

The Iranian Satellite Subversives: A history of National Iranian Television (NITV), how an LA cable TV show came to reach into Iran, and how its founder became politicized and stridently in opposition to Iran's government.  Good details on how it accidentally discovered in September 2000 that Eutelsat covers Iran, how they worked around subsequent Iranian jamming, and how they inspired thousands of people to protest actions of the Iranian government.  NITV struggles for money: "Where was George Soros when you needed him? Where, for that matter, was Apple Computer? MTV? Pepsi? For a few million ad dollars, Atabay argued, some forward-thinking American corporation could promote democracy and freedom inside Iran and, in the bargain, purchase the eternal devotion of most of its citizens. But no one who mattered saw it that way."

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