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daily link  Friday, February 08, 2002

GEF document makes the case for investment in renewables in developing countries.  11:29:22 PM  permalink  

Solar Project Will Serve 400,000 in Rural Philippines:
Spain will provide $48m for solar and wind equipment providing water and irrigation over a wide area, and power to 15,000 homes, 68 schools and 79 health clinics.  11:21:02 PM  permalink  

World Bank's energy group has an extensive web site of materials for all types of energy, including renewables and efficiency. ("The Bank Group is supporting PV projects in India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, China, Vietnam, Philippines, Lao PDR, Morocco, Argentina, Mexico, Honduras, Togo, Benin, Cape Verde, Uganda, Kenya, among others...").  The main page has extensive links to people, projects, and online forums on related topics.  11:17:48 PM  permalink  


  11:05:57 PM  permalink  

Sourceguides has a directory of 5200 renewable energy companies worldwide, with a global news feed.  They're produced by Momentum Technologies based in Mountain View CA and Denver CO.

  10:43:48 PM  permalink  

NYT:  The Increase in Chip Speed Is Accelerating, Not Slowing.  Intel has experimental CPU components running at 10 Ghz, while this year's McKinley 64-bit chip will have 221 million components including on-board cache.  The acceleration in chip progress is attributed to a faster reduction in physical gate length, down to 90 nanometers -- about 360 atoms wide.Other advances include better on-chip power management, a single-chip gyroscope and an all-electronic sensor array making it possible to do DNA analysis without optical components.  4:06:45 PM  permalink  


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