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daily link  Monday, February 04, 2002

Good quote on the politics of Enron: It is, as one friend puts it, as if a window had opened and revealed the way it all really works. What we see is a world in which insiders get to play by one set of rules entree to Enron side partnerships that could turn minimal investments into millions overnight while the unconnected and uninitiated pick up the bill. And it isn't necessarily illegal.  10:34:50 AM  permalink  

Interesting map of US wind power sites.  7:12:53 AM  permalink  

They're already asking, who let the Al Queda get away: Sy Hersh reports in the New Yorker about an airlift of Pakistanis from Konduz that the US supported which may have evacuated thousands of Al Queda and Taliban. The article also has an interesting view of Indian intelligence. The same day, Rumsfeld publicly complained about Iranian complicity in Al Queda escapes.  7:12:21 AM  permalink  


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