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daily link  Thursday, January 31, 2002

AlphaAve is a site containing alpha-stage software from RIT and Xerox. It can be downloaded and used for 90 days prior to lisencing. Currently there are image compression, web collaboration and data encoding software on the site.  10:35:33 PM  permalink  

Radio Paradise -- interesting remote-controlled listener-participation radio station. Software also used by KPIG, supposedly open source.  9:57:00 PM  permalink  

Sony announced an option pack for the Playstation 2 that lets it run Linux. PS2 costs about $300, the add on pack $200, available May 2002. A developers group is up, and the product was demo'ed at Linuxworld this week. Interesting combo: game station, good audio-video with 2 firewire ports, and linux, for $500.  9:37:46 PM  permalink  


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