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daily link  Friday, January 25, 2002

Tiny wires: "Scientists at Hewlett-Packard Co. and UCLA said Wednesday they have patented a means of getting around a significant hurdle in the race to build computer chips at the molecular level." Namely, they have come up with a patented method to make wires 10 atoms wide by 2 atoms tall. "I believe that in 10 years we definitely will have hybrid molecular-silicon circuitry," HP's R. Stanley Williams said. "Molecules will take over more of the computational tasks of the system and the silicon will become just the input-output device and the power supply."  7:32:23 PM  permalink  

John Robb on K-Logs: "Many, if not all companies have knowledge workers. Some, are composed entirely of knowledge workers. These people are domain experts. They keep up to-date (or should) with the evolution of knowledge within their chosen domain. They have thinking skills that have been developed to process data within that domain. Everything they think about within the envelope of that domain has value. Unfortunately, most companies don't capture, package, and distribute that insight. "  [Scripting News]  2:57:02 PM  permalink  

XML-DBMS 2.0 reaches alpha. Ron Bourret announced the release of the first alpha of the Java version of XML-DBMS 2.0. [xmlhack]  2:42:48 PM  permalink  

The Philippines has high hopes for renewable energy:
  • An NREL study two years ago identified 70 GW of wind potential. A 40MW pilot windfarms is operating with more planned.
  • Of an estimated 13 GW hydro, 2.5GW is in operation, with another 1.5GW planned for the next 10 years.
  • Solar PV cell systems are being piloted for electrifying off-grid locations, based on proven designs from Shell
  • A 1996 report identified 4-8GW of geothermal potential, with 2GW estimated in production by 1998.
For reference, current national capacity is approx 12.6GW. I estimate per capita capacity to be about 15-20% of California.  12:35:56 AM  permalink  


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