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daily link  Thursday, January 24, 2002

University of Southern California School researchers are building nanoscale sensors and plan to build nanoscale robots soon. Marine aplications include sensing ocean water salinity and the presence of 'brown tide' algae. "The USC researchers will first build small robots that will move, sense and communicate while tethered in a tank of water in a laboratory. They will gradually progress to building and controlling increasingly larger numbers of increasingly smaller freely moving robots. The end goal of the project will be to create robots that are as small as the microorganisms that they seek to monitor."  10:27:51 PM  permalink  

The World Summit on Sustainable Development (aka Johannesburg Summit 2002) will begin on Monday, 26 August 2002 and conclude on Wednesday, 4 September. The high level segment involving the meeting of world leaders will take place during the last three days from 2-4 September 2000.  8:57:07 PM  permalink  

Afghanistan to be rebuilt from bottom up: "An unprecedented experiment in creating a nation from the bottom up is about to begin in Afghanistan. A $15-billion reconstruction programme, unveiled as donor nations pledged an initial $3 billion at a meeting in Tokyo on Monday, calls for a small-is-beautiful strategy. Instead of massive national projects, the initial approach will be based on villages organising themselves to install solar panels and small hydroelectricity schemes, to rehabilitate wrecked irrigation canals and rebuild local roads." The World Bank has published the full report, and it appears that WFP food aid has arrived in time.  8:00:37 PM  permalink  

India is debating fuel strategies, including ethanol, LPG, CNG, and battery charges. It quotes Anumita Roychoudhury, Coordinator of the air pollution campaign at the Centre for Science and Environment (CSE), and Leena Srivastava of the Tata Energy Research Institute.  5:38:11 PM  permalink  

Brazil has authorized an additional 23 wind power projects totaling 1,907 MW of capacity, to added to the previously announced 20 wind projects expected to produce 1,773 MW.  5:23:19 PM  permalink  

Magnetic refrigeration: 30% less power than the best gas-compression refrigerantors, no CFC's, scalable over a wide power range. Manganese materials have been discovered to permit room-temperature utilization. (Explanatory figure and details supplied.)  5:20:34 PM  permalink  

A success story on conversion of a financial services company to Linux-based non-Microsoft desktops. Their software is reviewed item-by-item.  5:09:32 PM  permalink  

The Case Against Knowledge Management: Excellent summary of issues in KM, including:
  • Are users standardizers or customizers? If "customizers" or "creatives" reference to info is rarely important, but access to people is.
  • Many of the best KM systems are the simplest, like circulation files and listservers.
  • What information is needed? Ask employees within the firm. What knowledge is needed? Ask the customers what they get from the firm.
  5:00:06 PM  permalink  

Kyoto/CDM progress: The Dutch government has signed a three-year $40 million contract with the World Bank's International Finance Corporation (IFC) which will provide the Netherlands with credits toward its CO2 reduction target laid out in the Kyoto treaty. IFC will identify and select the projects in developing countries under the Kyoto treaty's Clean Development Mechanism. Netherlands is the first country to use government money for buying CO2 credits. Meanwhile, Japan and China have begun "senior working level" talks about Japan giving China aid money through CDM to help Japan meet its Kyoto targets.  1:14:33 PM  permalink  


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