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daily link  Wednesday, January 16, 2002

BBC: Germany - the world's leading producer of wind power - says it has expanded its capacity by 44% in the past year. Wind power now accounts for 3.5% of Germany's energy consumption, and is expected to grow rapidly. The authorities are now considering a plan to build up to 5,000 wind turbines off Germany's north coast.  11:44:43 PM  permalink  

Britain's oldest North Sea oil field is on course to start producing again - 10 years after it was closed down and abandoned. An estimated 60% of the oil in the field was left behind by the previous drilling. This echoes a longer article that argues that IT and other technologies have cut oil exploration costs more than half in the US. The implication is that future energy sources will have to succeed while conventional sources are still available and affordable.  11:42:26 PM  permalink  

Paul Krugman: Enron, energy policy, Racicot and the Carlyle Group amount to crony capitalism, US-style. "None of this is clearly illegal it just stinks to high heaven. That's why the Bush administration will try to keep the Enron story narrowly focused on one company during its death throes. Just remember that the real story is much bigger"  11:13:53 PM  permalink  


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