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daily link  Thursday, January 10, 2002

Bojinka ("loud bang" in Serbo-Croatian) was a 1995 Al Queda plot in Manila to remotely blow up 11 U.S. airliners over the Pacific. One flight from Cebu to Japan was hit before takeoff, killing one person. The plotters were found by Phillipine police and interrogated by Philippine intelligence and the CIA. One conspirator also trained in flight schools "in preparation for a suicide missions. He was to buy, rent, or steal -- that part of the plan had not yet been worked out -- a small plane, preferably a Cessna, fill it with explosives and crash it into CIA headquarters. There were secondary targets the terrorist cell wanted hit: Congress, the White House, the Pentagon and possibly some skyscrapers. The only problem, Murad complained, was that they needed more trained pilots to carry out the plot." One document also stated "We will hit all U.S. nuclear targets." A long Washington Post article details what the intelligence community knew, and where they failed to connect the dots.  9:26:55 AM  permalink  


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