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daily link  Thursday, December 20, 2001

A wireless net story from July quotes Brewster Kahle on the attactions and economics of these networks. Points:
  • Most 802.11b radios today are 30 or 100 milliwatts, even though FCC regulations allow them to operate at up to 1 watt.
  • Local ISP's might find this attractive for expansion and taking business from DSL and cable companies, that have a habit of charging more for the same service with time. Subscribers would have to pay for their own "last mile" in the form of their repeater/wireless equipment. 20,000 ISPs were formed in 1993-4 under similar circumstances, at that time charging $20/mon instead of established operators' $6-10/hour.
  • There are already groups doing it in 12 U.S. cities, including three in Seattle and two in the Bay Area. There are six groups in five cities in Australia, at least one in Canada, as well as groups in France, Finland, Sweden and the UK, where there are three.
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Public wireless networks: NYCwireless has a map (click on the "active nodes" link). BAWUG keeps a Bay Area listing, with a pointer to maps and slideshow of discovered LANs. Clearinghouse sites include freenetworks.org and the personaltelco project.  11:35:57 PM  permalink  


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