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daily link  Tuesday, December 18, 2001

The International Crisis Group (ICG) is "a private, multinational organisation committed to strengthening the capacity of the international community to anticipate, understand and act to prevent and contain conflict". They are supported by many philanthropies and governments. They recently issued a crisis report on Zimbabwe.  10:45:37 PM  permalink  

Blogdex provides three listings of blogs:   10:04:26 PM  permalink  

Rob Flickenger has a number of articles on wireless networks, a weblog, and a new book "Building Wireless Community Networks" (O'Reilly & Associates, US $24.95). The series of articles on extending 802.11b to a twenty-mile distance is pretty amusing.  5:25:34 PM  permalink  

The 2001 Peer Review of DOE's Photovoltaic Program found that the quality of science, technology and engineering is outstanding in terms of conducting world class R&D.... The review was conducted by a panel of energy officials selected on the basis of their broad understanding of PV technologies and markets, and their independence from direct participation in any of the DOE program. ... Industry officials say DOE cost sharing and expertise are critical factors in reducing the real and perceived risk of investments in PV market development. Industry backers look to research to prove the viability of the technologies, and to the expertise of DOE researchers to provide an unbiased opinion on the viability of new manufacturing processes and PV materials. If DOE were to pull away from its role in PV R&D or compromise the quality of its scientific effort, much of the past investment would be lost because it would not go into practice in manufacturing, products and applications, they say.   5:10:08 PM  permalink  

Conference on "The Commercialization of Energy Technologies" to be held for investors and others on January 17, 2002 at the Hilton New York City.  4:45:12 PM  permalink  

Qarbon Viewlet is a relatively lightweight java applet for giving narrated demos or tutorials for software. Examples are provided, and Craig Burton used it for Radio tutorials.  10:02:25 AM  permalink  

Scott Ritter on Iraq:
  • 1999: Belying his image as a macho ex-marine, Mr Ritter also denounced the international embargo on Iraq as immoral and argued for a return to dialogue with the rogue regime .. He confirmed press reports that the CIA had sent in agents in the guise of engineers to plant monitoring devices on Unscom equipment. 'I warned Richard Butler repeatedly about the dangers of allowing Unscom to be used,' he said. 'But he was unwise enough to align inspections with US policy... Butler became instrumental in organising Unscom's demise.'
  • 2000: "I, for one, believe that a.) Iraq represents a threat to no one, and b.) Iraq will not represent a threat to anyone if we can get weapons inspectors back in. Iraq will accept these inspectors if we agree to the immediate lifting of economic sanctions. The Security Council should re-evaluate Iraq's disarmament obligation from a qualitative standpoint and not a quantitative standpoint."
  • 2001: It is true that Iraq has not fully complied with its disarmament obligation, particularly in the field of biological weapons. However, this failure does not equate to a retained biological weapons capability. Far from it...Those who have suggested that Iraq is the source of the anthrax used in the current attacks - including Richard Butler, a former chairman of the UN weapons inspection effort - merely fan the flames of fear and panic. There is no verifiable link whatever and it is irresponsible for someone of Mr Butler's stature to be involved in unsubstantiated speculation. His behaviour has, it seems, been guided by animosity towards Baghdad, rather than the facts.
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