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daily link  Monday, December 10, 2001

Summary of known info about the anthrax attacks, from the Federation of American Scientists. "John Bolton, Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, spoke on Nov. 19 ... he said 'We don't know, as I say in the statement, at the moment, in a way that we could make public, where the anthrax attacks came from.' This statement, as well as other information, indicates that US officials DO know where the anthrax came from...The perpetrator is probably an American microbiologist who has access to weaponized anthrax or to the expertise and materials for making it, in a US government or contractor lab... The anthrax in the letters was probably made and weaponized in a US government or contractor lab... Weaponization of dry anthrax after 1972, when the Biological Weapons Convention was signed, could be construed as a violation of the Convention. The US government has undoubtedly known for some time that the anthrax terrorism was an inside job. They may be reluctant to admit this... In opposition to most of the countries of the world, the Bush administration turned down a Protocol to monitor compliance with the ban on biological weapons last July. In so doing it reversed the policy of the previous three administrations aimed at strengthening the Biological Weapons Convention, which lacks verification measures."   5:31:30 PM  permalink  

10 years ago, the first US website was launched.  5:13:33 PM  permalink  

Gordon Moore pledges $261 million to Conservation Intl.. The theme is 'defying nature's end'. Aim is effort mobilizing total of $6b in public and private money to save ecosystems. Interesting component: "A first-ever global network of research field stations will provide long-term monitoring within important tropical ecosystems, and enable scientists to recognize early warnings of major shifts in the status of biodiversity. The initiative will create 10 field stations, which will be integrated with at least another 40 field stations to be added to the global network through other funding sources."  10:34:37 AM  permalink  


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