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daily link  Sunday, December 09, 2001

Cave-fighting details and tactics.  10:58:11 PM  permalink  

ELX --Everyone's Linux -- gets a favorable review as a replacement for Windows workstations, supporting a lookalike desktop, NT networking, control panel, My Computer, etc. ELX is currently under testing and is available to only test users, until at least 15 Dec 2001.  10:43:08 PM  permalink  

Introduction to unix shell scripting: clean and useful for writing cgi's, though it lacks any cgi-specific info.  10:34:41 PM  permalink  

al-Qaida had been preparing terrorist attacks with the lethal sarin nerve gas before its infrastructure in Afghanistan was destroyed, according to a Spanish journalist who found phials marked as containing the gas at a camp outside Jalalabad.  10:08:23 PM  permalink  

Wireless ISPs are cratering, several have gone chapter 11 or disappeared.  8:27:44 PM  permalink  


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