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daily link  Friday, December 07, 2001

More unilateralism: Germ warfare conference suspended. An international conference on strengthening a biological and chemical weapons ban breaks up after the US presses for it to end.  2:50:27 PM  permalink  

Dutch team uses nanostructures to produce logic gates, an oscillator and electron beams. CERN Courier Dec 6. A research team in the Netherlands used different combinations of "nanotube transistors" to create several devices, including a voltage inverter and a NOR logic gate.  12:07:09 PM  permalink  

Small-diameter nanotubes can become superconducting. "The tubes, which have diameters of only 4 ¥ 10-8 cm, appear to become superconducting at about 15 K - much higher than the liquid helium temperatures normally associated with superconductivity... Calculations indicate that the smaller the tube diameter, the higher the superconducting temperature." CERN Courier Dec 6 2001  12:04:43 PM  permalink  

Researchers Spin Electrons with Electricity The team's results, described in a report appearing today in the journal Nature, may one day help to scientists realize the ideal of spintronics—quantum computing based on electron spin states rather than charge. .. "It's a scalable, controllable way to manipulate the electron's spin at the nanometer scale.."  12:13:06 AM  permalink  


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