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daily link  Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Open spectrum -- a concept for redefining wireless bandwidth so it no longer requires lisencing. "Bandwidth is just a parameter in an equation; it's not a naturally bounded resource." Electromagnetic signals don't really travel between specific points; they radiate outward indefinitely, until they become undetectable. The magic happens at the endpoint devices. ...Radio waves pass through each other; what we call "interference" is a function of each receiver's ability to distinguish among them. Communication is inherently an exercise in computation. ... Through equipment certification rules, the spectrum would go from a fixed resource to one that expands with additional computing power and technical innovation. New users could actually increase the bandwidth available by contributing to the cooperative intelligence of the network. See also 802.11 news and an international directory.  6:30:56 PM  permalink  

Brittle Power is a book by Amory and Hunter Lovins, published in 1982 and revised this year after Sept 11, now available in full on their website. It was a Pentagon study of the vulnerability of US energy infrastructure. The preface is excellent.  1:30:43 PM  permalink  

Wildworld is a map-enabled database by WWF and Natl Geographic of the world's ecosystems, e.g. in Cameroon. It's connected to NG's excellent MapMachine and WWF's ecosystem profiles.  12:58:30 PM  permalink  

Metallic Power is a developer of regenerative zinc/air fuel cells. They're refillable batteries with an electrolyzer for recharging the spent "fuel" which is an electrolyte solution carrying zinc pellets that are .5-.8 mm). Applications inlcude garden tools, motor scooters, and computer UPS. Electric Fuel is a company demonstrating city buses and laptop rechargers. Metallic says the roundtrip efficiency (electricity out of the fuel cell divided by electricity into the recycling unit) is 40-60%, depending on the rate of recycling and discharge.  12:19:47 PM  permalink  


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