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daily link  Friday, November 30, 2001

Taxonomies Put Content in Context. An interesting review of NLP categorization approaches and companies.  5:10:20 PM  permalink  

Sharp ships new PDA. running Linux 2.4, embedded PalmTop, Personal Java, and QT.  3:05:35 PM  permalink  

Ford Unveils Car with Hydrogen Engine. Ford Motor has introduced a new car with a hydrogen internal combustion engine, which could bridge the gap between gasoline vehicles and fuel cell vehicles of the future.  2:56:30 PM  permalink  

Yale University has a year-long series on Democracy, Security and Justice: Perspectives on the American Future. The lecture by Michael Rubin on Iraq was very interesting. (The first 6 1/2 minute intro can be skipped.) On Oct 21, he accurately predicted the quick division and collapse of the Taliban.  2:28:45 PM  permalink  

Scientists Engineer 'Made to Order' Crystal. "The scientists assembled a framework consisting of flexible hydrogen-bonded sheets supported by banana-shaped pillars. By forcing the pillars to line up in the same direction, the researchers created channels that could only hold guest molecules in one orientation."  11:29:30 AM  permalink  

Study: Protected marine areas aid catches in nearby fishing zones. CNN Nov 30 2001 11:36AM  11:27:22 AM  permalink  

Good interview about options in Iraq, with Former UNSCOM Political Advisor Tim Trevan. "I am not a great believer in sanction on Iraq at this point because Iraq no longer finds them credible. I think a much more effective program would be to go after the regime in a quick and very powerful way, to remove the regime... The Iraqi people don't have to go without because of sanctions... There were obviously skeptics of the Afghan model that has just been implemented so successfully. The fact of the matter is, when you have a hated regime, what people are looking for on the ground is that they are not only going to be helped, but that they are going to be helped until the end of the game... Regularly, when we went in massive demonstrations would be organized against us. However, when we were away from the staged demonstrations, and were driving around in our UN-marked cars, invariably there would be kids and civilians on the streets, of both genders, waving at us, giving us thumbs-up signs, and that was during the period of highest tension, when the bombs could be coming at any minute. So I think that when you have a republic of fear like Iraq, there are always going to be people on the ground who are so full of hatred for the regime, that they will support an external effort to remove that regime and replace it with something just and fair."   11:15:42 AM  permalink  

Two members of CSLI taught a course last year on systems that adapt to users and their preferences. The syllabus has a number of useful references.  11:01:20 AM  permalink  

I have been talking with Dan Shapiro of CSLI about adaptive control systems for waste digesters. Adding intelligence to biogas digesters might make it easier to mass produce them and to fit them to different or varying feedstocks. Dan talked it up with contacts at NASA and they're interested: turns out space stations churn out waste and need energy.  10:59:38 AM  permalink  

B2B exchanges failing. A study shows that 51% of the companies surveyed said B2B exchanges, whether private, public or consortia, had either "mostly" or "absolutely" failed to meet their expectations. A mere 9% said their experience had "mostly" met expectations, and only 2% said it had "absolutely" done so.  10:48:09 AM  permalink  

Wind Facility Brings 50 MW On-Line In Only Four Months. Wind power installations take much less time than other kinds of generators. Only four months after breaking ground, SeaWest WindPower has built and commissioned 50 wind turbines on the northern reaches of the Foote Creek Rim in Wyoming.  9:08:28 AM  permalink  

Linux will be an important piece of a grid computing system for diagnosing breast cancer that IBM is building at a string of universities across the United States and Canada. It's based on the Globus project for general purpose Linux grids.  9:04:34 AM  permalink  

Brent Simmons: "Iím a big fan of usability guru Jakob Nielsenóbut I donít go to his site very often because I find it hard to use. [Scripting News]  12:14:49 AM  permalink  


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