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daily link  Thursday, November 29, 2001

Solid state conversion of heat to electricity has been improved using "solid state thermionics," according to an MIT researcher and Salt Lake City-based Eneco Inc. "At 250 to 300 degrees Celsius, Eneco's devices convert about 17 percent of the heat it absorbs into energy, compared with about 10 percent for current thermoelectric devices. Hagelstein said improvements could soon raise that efficiency to 20 to 25 percent. Power plants could use the devices to convert heat from smokestacks into energy, and they could be fitted to a car's exhaust system and use the energy to power the car's electronics, Eneco president Lew Brown said."  1:42:40 PM  permalink  

Good review of wind power and of renewed interest in biogas from cow manure for electricity.  1:26:25 PM  permalink  

The end of e-commerce as we know it?. There's buzz from various sources about how new client programs can overcome the Web's shortcomings as a commerce medium.  12:17:25 AM  permalink  

Researchers find signs that multiwalled carbon nanotubes may be room temperature superconductors.  12:08:48 AM  permalink  

A concise statement from Granny D on why some places "hate the US".  12:02:25 AM  permalink  


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